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Gun Grabbers – What Tactics Will They Use And What Firearms Should You Buy Before The Rush?

Spirit of '76 Worldwide

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We the PEOPLE Shall Not Abide the STATE or BIG TECH Censoring the FREE PRESS or DISCUSSION

Uncensored News for Thinking Adults

[Indiana, USA]

WEF Global Elites Warn Against Resisting the New World OrderDavos Elites Warn ‘Painful Global Transition’ Should Not Be Resisted By Nation States

Corbett: Breaking Free From Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet

Disease-Carrying Monkeys Used in Taxpayer-Funded Medical Experiments Threaten Public Health

Dr. Malone - Monkey Pox Update

Taibbi: Shouldn't Hillary Clinton Be Banned From Twitter Now?

Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations

Proof Elites Are Faking COVID Jabs & Study Finds Mask Mandates “Significantly Increase” COVID Risk

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The Spirit of 1776 Worldwide website is published and updated several times daily as a public service by LibertyTalk FM. The site is designed to function as a means to help thinking adults bypass Big Tech and the STATE's attempt to censor information unto trope of 'authoritative sources', whose precise actual purpose is to control the approved narratives, which is an anathema not only to the founding ideals of the American Republic but also to the original intent of the internet.

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